5 ways to foster creativity in your kids

    According to a study made by the University of Berkeley, contrary to popular belief, creativity is not a genetic trait, but it is in fact acquired during childhood. In most children, creativity reaches its peak between the ages of 3 and 5, even though some of them develop this skill somewhat later. Hence the importance of supporting our children in their artistic endeavours. You could be standing in front of the next Picasso without even knowing it! That is why we gathered some advice for you to stimulate your children’s imagination:


    1. Always provide them with the materials they need for their works.

    Be it pens, colour pencils, some finger paint, or even jewellery kits, do not hesitate to give them tools to express themselves. It is important for them to have their own space as well, where they can make a mess and let their imagination run wild. Children need some time to themselves when they are not under constant supervision of an adult, so they will not feel inhibited by adults watching them.

    2. Do not tell them off if they fail.

    One of the cornerstones for the sprouting of creativity in kids is confidence, and the people who make the biggest influence in them are, of course, their parents. Whenever they feel insecure about their art or whichever other matter, reinforce and cheer them. Children rely on their parents to know everything is fine and will feel much better if an adult tries to cheer them up when they feel insecure.

    3. Encourage them to read!

    Yes, we know it is widely known (and basic for a child’s development), but if it is so extended an opinion, it is for a reason. Literature is the best stimulant for a child’s creativity. The descriptions in books will put their brains to work and they will imagine characters and scenarios in their heads. Reading also improves their spelling and vocabulary, so it is a win-win, for them and for you!

    4. Spend time with them.

    Every once in a while, go with them into their “creative space” and break the rules! Put on some old clothes that you don’t mind ruining, play some music and follow their instructions. As we said before, children need their own space to let their creativity break free, so when you are with them, you should play by their rules. Do not give orders or tell them off, they are the captains now!

    5. Fun!

    Several studies on childhood state that there can be no development if there is no emotion. They will grow up and learn that life is not all play and games, but for now, let them have fun while they create.

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